About Us

We provide funding and support for inspired leaders starting new health-related ministriesInspiration is everywhere! People all over the world are inspired to serve others and change lives. They recognize a need in their community and have developed a way to address that need, but require help getting their initiative off the ground. That’s where Wheat Ridge Ministries comes in.

We are a nonprofit organization that helps health and human care initiatives get off the ground by providing the initial funding and support they need to thrive.

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Our dedication to serve others comes from our Christian faith. Affiliated with the Lutheran Church, we believe that just as Jesus Christ served others, we too are called to help others experience a more abundant life. Our efforts are focused on improving the health of the whole person, by addressing wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Each health and human care initiative we support has the potential to grow, multiply and impact many people. And because we focus on programs that may otherwise be overlooked because they are new and don’t have a proven track record of success, we’re helping where the need is greatest. By supporting Wheat Ridge Ministries, you can impact the lives of thousands of people around the world and help them lead more abundant lives.

Our Mission

Wheat Ridge Ministries is “Lutherans seeding new ministries of health and hope in the name of the healing Christ.”

Our Vision

Wheat Ridge Ministries is a primary leader, powerful catalyst and vital resource for efforts by the Lutheran community to stimulate the initial development of sustainable health and human care ministries, through which increasing numbers of people around the world experience wellness of body, mind and spirit made possible in Christ. Wheat Ridge Ministries has a special interest in nurturing new health and human care ministries developed by local congregations and new faith-based organizations.

Who We Serve

Wheat Ridge Ministries helps seed new health and human care ministries in Lutheran congregations, agencies and other church-related not-for-profit organizations. We rejoice that the diverse Lutheran community shares a common desire to serve others and to bring health and hope to people in the name of the healing Christ. Wheat Ridge seed grants and other resources are provided only for this purpose.

Wheat Ridge Ministries does not, through its assistance in developing new ministries of health and hope, endorse or advocate other activities, perspectives, practices or political views in the congregations or organizations it serves.


Wheat Ridge is a recognized service organization of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, an affiliated social ministry organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and a recognized ministry of the North American Lutheran Church.

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Support for Our Organization

Individuals, congregations, schools and organizations across the country share their financial gifts with us. In addition to proceeds from our endowment, we receive financial support from:

  • Individuals through our direct mail appeals and online gifts
  • Congregations across the country
  • Bequests from estates and planned gifts
  • Sunday school and day school offerings
  • Matching gifts from employers and other foundations
  • Donated stocks, mutual funds, and property
  • Foundations and corporations

You can help by supporting Wheat Ridge through your prayers and financial contributions, by remembering Wheat Ridge in your estate planning, and encouraging worthy ministries to submit grant applications.