WeRaise Crowdfunding

WeRaise, a Christian crowdfunding platform from Wheat Ridge Ministries, helps organizations engage their online community to support new, inspired ideas … ideas that meet community needs and bring health, hope and healing. Learn more

INSPIRE Projects

INSPIRE projects offer Christ-centered activities and resources which are all available free of charge. The projects are ideal for use in Day School Classrooms, Chapel Services, Sunday School Classes, Bible Study Groups, Vacation Bible School Programs or a “ministry of the month” for the entire congregation. Learn more

Current INSPIRE Project: Kids Care Through Cards

Congregation Resources

Find a variety of resources for your congregation including grant opportunities, Small group mission projects, parish nurse resources, military ministry resources, sabbatical resources, devotional resources and our congregation eNewsletterLearn more…

Health Ministry Center

Wholeness Wheel

Engaging the Aging Newsletter

Planning a Congregational Health Fair

Health Clinic Resource Center

In our Health Clinic Resource Center you will find general resources and ministry models for weekly, monthly, yearly and other health clinics as a tool for you and your congregation as you plan and develop a health clinic for your community.  Learn more…

Prison Ministry Resource

The Prison Ministry Resource is a tool for you and your congregation as you plan and develop a prison ministry in your community. It is our hope that this resource will inspire you, encourage you, and connect you to other leaders and ministries in new or different ways in order to bring hope and healing to those whose lives are affected by incarceration. Learn more …

Ministry Sabbatical Center

The Ministry Sabbatical Resource Center promotes a sabbatical leave for rest and renewal to support the Whole Person Health of the ministry leader and the congregation. The Resource Center also provides consulting support for congregations and ministry leaders as they implement a sabbatical policy and plan the sabbatical experience.  Learn more…

Refuge and Restore Military Ministry

The purpose of Refuge and Restore is to promote the healing and wellness of service members and their families by equipping congregations with resources to address issues relevant to the deployment cycle. Learn more…

Devotional Resources

Wheat Ridge Ministries offers several devotional resources to enrich your spiritual life, including a weekly devotion via email and on our website, devotions for your Advent journey and also a group devotional resource.  Learn more…


Wheat Ridge Ministries has a variety of books available for purchase in our bookstore.  Shop now…