Weekly Devotions

April 11, 2016

Let Your Spirit Wash Over Me
By Mark Schoepp, Director of Congregation Engagement, Wheat Ridge Ministries

In previous devotions I’ve written, I’ve shared some favorite songs I use for my devotional life. I’d like to share a couple more. Music is so easy to keep with you. On most phones, you can watch YouTube videos wherever you are. Bookmarks on your laptop, tablet or desktop take you quickly to your favorite anything … devotional, bible verse, praise music, etc. All...


April 4, 2016

Living in the Shadow of Doubt

By Rev. Bruce Strade, Former Executive Director, Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries, Portland, Oregon; Wheat Ridge Ministries Board of Directors

Jesus told His followers it was going to happen. When it did, they responded with fear, disbelief, disappointment and doubt. Some women went to complete the burial process, only to find that He was not there, just as He said. They went back to tell the disciples, who responded with disbelief. Two left town...


March 28, 2016

Hot Coals, Swirling Smoke, and Baking Fish
By Rev. Tom Zehnder, Oviedo, Florida

(Ruminating on the Events Recorded in John 21 in this the First Week of Easter)

Hot Coals, Swirling Smoke, and Baking Fish Together Proclaim:
“He Is Risen! He Is Risen, Indeed!”

The rays of the rising sun cast light on the band of fishermen in their boat, 100 yards out. Their quiet demeanor betrays a slim to nothing fish harvest for all the now nearly...


March 21, 2016

The Great Commission
By Rev. Anne Christiansen, Wheat Ridge Board Member, Chicago, IL

(Matthew 28:18-20)

One morning, my Sunday school teacher said that since we are baptized children of God that Jesus had a big job for us. That job was to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything Jesus had commanded. And being the child I was, I looked at my Sunday school teacher...


March 14, 2015

Bring Out The Fatted Calf
By Brian Becker, Senior Vice President, Wheat Ridge Ministries

Last Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent, the Gospel lesson was from Luke 15, the parable of the prodigal son. For most of my life, I’ve always seen my brother and I as the main characters of that story. Why is it that I always see myself as one of the main characters? That’s a question for another devotion.

Thanks to my pastor, David Lyle, for pointing out something obvious that I’d...

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