Weekly Devotions.

June 23, 2014

Be Wanting More…
By Rev. Ted Moeller, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Vancouver, WA

If you’re traveling west on US-26 through the center of Wyoming, you’ll eventually come to Dubois (pop. 971). Rimmed by the Absaroka and Wind River mountain ranges, the town is situated in an area of beautiful contrasts: high peaks, badlands, rustic log buildings, and, yes, a river running through it. You might be tempted to think, this is as good as it gets, settle down, and enjoy the place,...


June 16, 2014

Rube Goldberg Machines
By Mark Schoepp, Director of Congregation Engagement, Wheat Ridge Ministries

The classic definition of a Rube Goldberg machine is: “complicated devices that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways, seen first in old cartoons.” That concept has recently been played out in some very complicated, live chain reactions in a variety of settings. One of my favorites is this video from OK Go.

“Living Inside God’s Design” is the subtitle...


June 9, 2014

Stages of Life
By Rev. Keith Perry, Hospice and Hospital Chaplain

My wife and I recently attended a high school graduation ceremony for our great niece and nephew, who just happen to be twins … and who also celebrated their 18th birthday just a day before they graduated. It was fun to be with them in this special moment of their lives, saying goodbye to high school and now preparing for college in the fall. They were indeed leaving one stage of their lives and getting ready...


June 2, 2014

Words We Speak
By Sharolyn Sander, Lincoln, NE

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”

Have you found that to be true? On the contrary, it seems to me that words often wield a blow far more lasting and lethal than any physical wound. Yet we use words casually, without thought and in great number – an average of 16,000 per day.

The lyrics of “Words We Speak” by Hawk Nelson say it so clearly:

“They’ve made me...


May 26, 2014

I’m You

By Karis Thompson, Strategist for Community Development, Redeemer Center for Life & Redeemer Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN; Wheat Ridge Board of Directors

Last week, while in New York City, I had a chance to visit an artist named Jackie Brookner in her studio and see some of her incredible body of work. I met Jackie through her work with “The Fargo Project,” a community-engaged process to transform a utilitarian 18-acre storm water detention basin into a neighborhood...

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