Weekly Devotions

June 22, 2015

Time Travel!
By Mark Schoepp, Director of Congregation Engagement, Wheat Ridge Ministries

When I visit congregations on behalf of Wheat Ridge Ministries, I sometimes portray the character, “Dr. Luke” – 1st Century Physician and writer of the Gospel – to deliver a message about health and wellness and being good stewards of our bodies so we can give God our best. Dr. Luke shows up courtesy of a “time machine that Wheat Ridge has found.” One minute in the 1st Century with...


June 15, 2015

“On Becoming Good Wine” or “The Best Is Yet to Come!”
By Rev. Dr. Tom Zehnder, Interim Senior Pastor, Trinity Downtown, Orlando, Florida

I know, I know. This is an old one – but it’s so good:

The quite elderly cleric is driving slowly with a slight weave – and is stopped by the local gendarme who, through the driver’s side window says: “Are you alright, sir? You seem to be driving a bit unsteadily.” The collared driver replies, “I am just fine, thank...


June 8, 2015

Every Good Thing
By Sharolyn Sander, Lincoln, NE

A childhood friend recently responded to birthday wishes with, “Each new day is God’s blessing!” After days of spring rain, brilliant sunshine sparkled through the window. A cashier in the coffee shop responded to, “How are you doing today?” by touching the cross around his neck and saying, “Better than I deserve!” How uplifting to hear and see gifts like these throughout the day! How wonderful to be reminded again and...


June 1, 2015

The [Biblical] Uncertainty Principle

By Karis Thompson, Strategist for Community Development, Redeemer Center for Life & Redeemer Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN; Wheat Ridge Board of Directors

When Jesus invited His first disciples to start fishing for people, Simon Peter, James and John “pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed Him.” (Luke 5:11) Without time for discernment, without any clarity about next steps, they left their livelihoods, communities...


May 25, 2015

Being Together
By Rev. Keith Perry, Hospice and Hospital Chaplain

A very belated Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! And with today being Memorial Day, a very special salute and prayer of thankfulness to all of our veterans, living and passed, who have given so much for the freedoms we are all able to enjoy.

I want to reflect on a couple of weeks ago, when some of our family gathered at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. My mother had requested some time ago that my...

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