Weekly Devotions

October 17, 2016

Halloween Be Thy Name!
By Dr. Rich Bimler, Past President, Wheat Ridge Ministries

“…when you pray say, ‘Father, hallowed be Your name, Your kingdom come…” Luke 11:2

Four year old Freddy had a wonderful way with words! He would force his family to listen intently to him by sometimes mixing up a phrase or two, like praying, “Halloween be thy name!” Let us thank the Lord for little children who help us to think about and see our faith through their eyes!



October 10, 2016

By Sharolyn Sander, Lincoln, NE

Autumn has arrived. Bright sunshine, cool air, and vibrant colors of gold, orange, and red adorn the trees. The world has settled into routines of work and school. The harvest inspires thoughts of abundance, thanksgiving, and God’s blessings. We are anticipating choruses of “A Mighty Fortress” and “Now Thank We All Our God.”

It is also election season, a time of excitement – and dread – for many citizens. This...


October 3, 2016

All God’s Children are Special

By Rev. Bruce Strade, Former Executive Director, Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries, Portland, Oregon; Wheat Ridge Ministries Board of Directors

We claim to be inclusive. Yet in practice we may not honor those with special abilities (I consider the word “disabilities” a put down) at the same level we do other members. We may welcome them but not necessarily include them as equals.

Consider for a moment the thought-provoking perspective...


September 26, 2016

The Good Samaritan, Jerry, and Wheat Ridge
Rev. Tom Zehnder

Jerry is coming! Things will be better now. Here’s why:

I have a nice little roof shaped like an inverted “V” over the front door. While doing routine painting maintenance I discovered that the tongue and groove lumber of which the “V” is made is infected with ROT! Surely it would soon fall! Such repair is beyond my seminary education.

Jerry is the local handyman. He came out this morning and looked...


September 19, 2016

By Rev. Anne Christiansen, Wheat Ridge Ministries Board of Directors, Chicago, IL

As I was driving the other day, for some reason I began to notice how many bridges I was crossing. Many were hardly noticeable as they spanned lower pieces of land or tiny creeks, but they were bridges none the less. These bridges made travel so much easier and connected me to areas that otherwise would be out of easy reach. Bridges, especially the short ones we hardly notice, are certainly...

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