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May 26, 2014

I’m You

By Karis Thompson, Strategist for Community Development, Redeemer Center for Life & Redeemer Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN; Wheat Ridge Board of Directors

Last week, while in New York City, I had a chance to visit an artist named Jackie Brookner in her studio and see some of her incredible body of work. I met Jackie through her work with “The Fargo Project,” a community-engaged process to transform a utilitarian 18-acre storm water detention basin into a neighborhood...


May 19, 2014

Goodbye, Baileys Harbor. Goodbye.
By Rev. Tom Zehnder, Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin

(Instructed by Solomon, Psalm 90:10 and Hebrews 13:14)

King Solomon, wiser now that he’s older, writes: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

My wife, Jackie, and I have recently come to realize that, for one particular matter, the season and time have come. The matter of which I speak is the placing of a “For Sale” sign...


May 12, 2014

The Joy of Proclaiming
By Rev. Jenn Moland-Kovash, All Saints Lutheran Church, Palatine, Illinois

Harley Davidson and SpongeBob SquarePants helped us celebrate Easter this year.

It’s become our tradition in this congregation, as it is in many, to “bury the Alleluia” during the season of Lent. We have a black box that fits beneath our altar, and on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, we make a big deal out of taking down a banner with “Alleluia” on it and placing it...


May 5, 2014

A Malevolent Easter Meditation
By Ted Schroeder

FROM: Corkscrew, Spirit of Darkness Third Class

TO: Headquarters

Oh, Exalted One – I beg to report on our “Easter Eradication” project. As you so nobly indicated, Easter has been a “damp rag” in our fiery endeavors for centuries. Far too many are attracted to the whole open tomb thing. The image of God proclaiming from mountaintops that the shroud of death is transformed into a resurrection robe is just too...


April 28, 2014

The Scream
By Rev. Anne Christiansen, Mt. Pleasant Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saluda, South Carolina; Wheat Ridge Ministries Board of Directors

When I went to kindergarten, I did not understand the purpose of going to school. I loved playing with the toys in the bright sunny room and meeting other children my age. But when we were asked to sit still at little tables and listen to our teacher, I was not at all enthusiastic. Our teacher was speaking to us one day and I was bored....

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